Ukraine - Antisemitic events in Kiev

- Several antisemitic incidents took place in Kiev at the same time.

On October 14 in Kiev there was a nationalist parade against the authorities. Among other things, they waved a poster "We will restore Koliivshchyna" (a popular Ukrainian uprising in the 18th century during which tens of thousands of Jews were murdered).

This slogan was also used for a music festival ("Ситуационный фестиваль"), in which one of the ensembles "A closed society and its members" ("акрытое общество и его друзья") performed a song dedicated to former Interior Minister Arsene Abkovsov: "Arsen Abkov, protected us from Soros, Mokshantsi (мокшанцев, a derogatory nickname for the Russians), Pindosy ("Пиндосы" a derogatory nickname for Americans) and Jews (жидов)."