USA - Northeastern University Hillel mezuzah torn down

Boston, MA - Northeastern University (NU) Hillel’s mezuzah was ripped from the building over the weekend.

Writer and activist Yoni Michanie tweeted out a photo of the mezuzah, stating: “Saddening to have come into Northeastern University’s Hillel to find the mezuzah ripped from the building’s entrance. Authorities have been contacted and an investigation is being carried out. Hopefully the individual/s responsible for this will be held accountable.”

Erin Fine, a student journalist at the university, also tweeted that the mezuzah had been torn down and quoted the Hillel director, Gilad Skolnick, as saying: “No form of hatred or discrimination should be allowed on campus.”
University President Joseph E. Aoun condemned the tearing down of the mezuzah in a statement. “This despicable act has left members of our Jewish community justifiably upset, and even fearful. They are experiencing firsthand an instance of senseless hate, coming at a time when the ancient scourge of antisemitism is on the rise across the U.S. and around the world.

“We must respond first with compassion and empathy. We must offer an endless well of support, standing in unity with our Jewish classmates, colleagues, and friends.”

He also said that the suspect is not believed to be someone affiliated with the university.

Anti-Defamation League New England tweeted that the removal of the mezuzah “sends an alarming message to the community. As NU investigates this hateful act, it should work to foster a safe community where all belong, including those who choose to display religious symbols openly.”