USA - Santa Monica college Chabad Rabbi’s car vandalized with swastika graffiti

Santa Monica, CA
- Antisemitic graffiti was found Thursday drawn on the car windows of the Chabad rabbi serving Santa Monica College, a public community college home to over 32,000 students.

As seen in images shared on Facebook by Rabbi Eli Levitansky, a large swastika and a Star of David followed by the words “Is Illegal” were scrawled on the front-left window and back window of his sedan, using dust left on the glass.

“Well, this is an unpleasant way to start the day,” Levitansky wrote. “In instances like these it reminds us that there is unfortunately still much darkness in this world.”

The Santa Monica College Police confirmed Friday that a report of the incident was filed with their department, as well as with the Santa Monica Police Department.