An antisemitic letter was sent to former MK Eliakim Hatzni

Elyakim Hatzni, a Holocaust survivor living in Israel, received a letter today (Tuesday) from an old Nazi who studied with him in the same class in Germany, and currently lives in the United States.

Boaz Hatzni, Elyakim’s son, posted the shocking case on his Facebook account. “It’s always nice to receive a greeting from a classmate (probably), probably from 1934. My father, Elyakim Hatzni, received a letter today. His name in Germany was Georg,” Boaz wrote.

“And here is the translation: ‘Georg, I’m very pleased that you’re still alive after 95 years. Wonderful. Zig Hale, (Nazi salute raised), from the town of Kiel. 1934,” the son translated the letter his father received.

The old Nazi wrote on the other side of the letter: “Hebron is Palestine – Juden Reuss. (Jews out) Signed: Friedrich.”

“So the old Nazi lives in the US, according to the stamps, and it is still important enough for him to squirt the morbid, Nazi hatred of that time and combine it with today’s Nazi hatred, the most modern and effective antisemitic tool. The Palestinian bluff. So the Nazi-Palestinian connection works as usual, “Boaz wrote.

Sarah Hatzni Cohen, Elyakim’s granddaughter, shared the case on her Twitter account, adding: “So the old Nazi lived in the US, according to the stamps, and it’s still important enough for him to squirt his morbid hatred, which has not changed, only changed an excuse. “Once it was Goebbels Style, today it’s Palestine Style.”

“80 years ago they shouted ‘Jews go to Palestine’ and now they are shouting ‘Jews leave Palestine’. We are only received in one place: in the crematorium,” Sarah added.