Argentina - Vandalism and antisemitic graffiti in the Jewish cemetery of Avellaneda, Buenos Aires

Avellaneda, Buenos Aires
- The Jewish cemetery of Avellaneda, located in the province of Buenos Aires, suffered a series of attacks of vandalism, robberies and anti-Semitic graffiti. Despite the complaints filed and meetings with municipal authorities, the assaults continue to be repeated.

“On Thursday, November 11, they broke windows, tore papers and scattered them all over the broken places. This is already vandalism, it is tremendous. It is not the first time that it has happened and in the course of this last month and a half they caught it with us," Graciela Beatriz Schulman, representative of Acilba, the Moroccan-Hebrew community, who manages the cemetery, told the AJN Agency.

“They took a wheelbarrow with work items and broke the door to the women's bathroom, which was locked. No bronze plaques were taken because there were none left. In the last month, once 30 were stolen, again more than 60 and in the last robbery 40 plates were taken", he added.