Belarus - The suffering of immigrants stranded at the border was shown against the background of "Hatikva" music

- Abuse of ties with Israel, covert antisemitism, just a dubious taste - or all of these together?

Belarusian propaganda newspaper published a video about the situation of Kurdish immigrants at the border and chose "Hope" as the background for the video.

The video, prepared by the official SB newspaper, is the headquarters of the President of Belarus.

Israel's national anthem, heard from the 35th second of the video, is accompanied by photographs of immigrants washing their hands and washing their clothes from water bottles, with snow falling on them and the forest in the background.

The video appears to have been shot near a logistics hangar near the Polish border, where some of the immigrants were housed.

The video published in the Belarusian media showing the immigrants on the border between the countries, November 2021.