France - "Dirty Jew, we're going to gas you", an 11-year-old attacked in a college in Essonne

לכתבה בעברית
Olympe-de-Gouges college,
in Champcueil, in Essonne
Champcueil, Essonne
- The facts date back to September 7, 2021

An 11-year-old student and two of his friends walked in the playground of the college of Olympes de Gouges, in Champcueil (Essonne). Two older students, aged 14, met them and asked them: "Are you a Jew?"».

Two said no, the 11-year-old nods. A flood of antisemitic insults and physical violence followed. One of the two attackers said to him: "Dirty Jew, we are going to gas you" by putting his hand over his mouth. After tackling the victim and asking him to submit, the two teenagers string together a Nazi salutes.

The 11-year-old student was harassed for nine days until September 16. Upon discovering the facts, the parents filed a complaint on September 18 for "anti-Semitic violence", which triggered the opening of an investigation.