Germany - An average of 16 antisemitic incidents a day during the confrontation with Hamas in May

An international mobilization of Israeli-related antisemitism by organizations close to or sympathize with the Islamic Muslim brotherhood and Hamas and PFLP terrorist groups formed a background for numerous Incidents of violence and threats against Jews last May.

Antisemitism was not only to be observed at the anti-Israeli gatherings, but an everyday phenomenon for Jews: It met them at the workplace, in conversations and discussions in the circle of acquaintances or friends, in Environment of synagogue, during random encounters in the supermarket, public transport, on the street and in your own living environment.

The report published today by the Federal Association of RIAS e.V. and IIBSA - Research & Education on Antisemitism deals with international and nationwide mobilization of anti-Israel-related antisemitism in May 2021 as well as the one in between 9. and 24. Antisemitic incidents that became known in Germany in May 2021 during the period of the armed conflict between Hamas and Israel.