Germany - Civil society situation, antisemitism report 2021

לכתבה בעברית
The antisemitism situation report bundles civil society and Jewish perspectives on antisemitism. It gives a detailed insight into its different manifestations in Germany today: open and coded, physical and verbal, from the right, left, from the center of society as in Islamism. This analysis results in demands for a lasting fight against antisemitism.

Various contributions provide an insight into the status of antisemitism and how it is combated: Examples of antisemitic excesses in 2021 are documented in the report by the Federal Association of Research and Information Centers for Antisemitism (RIAS), which shows a drastic increase in antisemitic incidents, especially in the context of lateral thinking demonstrations as well as the anti-Israel marches in May 2021.

The antisemitism situation report also provides guidelines for the fight against antisemitism.