Germany - The escalation in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict as an opportunity structure for antisemitic Incidents in Berlin between May 9 and June 8, 2021

The antisemitism research and information center in Berlin documented 152 antisemitic incidents related to the escalation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict between May 9 and June 8. These incidents included four attacks, six targeted damage to property, seven threats, five bulk mails, and 130 cases of hurtful behavior, 12 of which were gatherings.

In the course of the dispute over the ownership of several residential buildings in the Jerusalem district of Sheikh Jarrah, which were accompanied by protests in various Israeli cities, Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist organizations from the Gaza Strip began shelling Israel in May 2021.

The rocket attacks and the Israeli military reactions to them were taken up by European and German actors for various forms of mobilization, whereupon rallies and demonstrations also took place in Germany and Berlin. In any case, military clashes between Israel and Islamist terrorist organizations are often accompanied by anti-Semitic, sometimes violent reactions in Germany, and RIAS Berlin regularly becomes aware of antisemitic incidents in which reference is made to this conflict.

The incidents demonstrate the continuity and the potential of Israel-related antisemitism in the various political and ideological spectra recorded by RIAS Berlin.