Greece - Greek contestant withdraws from Miss Universe pageant hosted in Israel

Rafaela Plastira
- Greek Miss Universe contestant Rafaela Plastira withdrew from the Miss Universe pageant set to be held in Israel, saying that her heart goes to all the people fighting for their lives in Israel and Palestine.

Greek Miss Universe contestant Rafaela Plastira took it to her Instagram post to announce to her followers that she is not going to participate in the pageant, noting that the hosting country is a reason for her decision.

“I will not be attending ‘Miss Universe’ this year. The reason for that is the country,” Plastira said. “I can’t go up that stage and act like nothing is happening when people are fighting for their lives out there.”

“And trust me I will make all of you beautiful people proud. I really want to thank all the pageantry fan accounts that send me lovely messages,” she added.