Netherlands - Jewish restaurant Hacarmel in Amsterdam again target of threats

- The kosher restaurant on Amstelveenseweg st., which has been back in full operation since June, is repeatedly called anonymously by a screaming man who fires cannonades and makes threats.

"Cancer Jews, Hitler did not burn or kill you," it sounds. But also an outright threat: 'I'll burn your business down', a police document reads by this newspaper.

According to the restaurateur, the calls come from the same person. After blocking anonymous numbers, the calls continued because the threat was calling without a shielded number.

Despite the outright threat to burn the case down, the police have only registered a complaint of 'insult'. "Incomprehensible", says lawyer Herman Loonstein, who assists the restaurateur and finds it remarkable that no declaration of threat has been included. After all, yelling that the case will be burned down is a 'hard threat', says the lawyer.

Loonstein follows the action of the police with suspicion after the restaurant was first attacked at the end of 2017 by a Syrian status holder who went wild with an iron bar on the windows of the restaurant. Saleh A. was already outside after two days. A similar attack in 2019 eventually led to a terror charge.

The police say in a response that this case has been recorded for both 'threat and insult' and sent to the Public Prosecution Service. Loonstein is happy with that, but finds the course of events remarkable, because the police initially only picked it up as a 'complaint offence' and as mere insult. “That raises questions about how this case is being approached by the police.”

“This makes me furious again,” said CDA councilor Diederik Boomsma about the threat. "Certainly given the recent incidents around Hacarmel, every incident must be picked up immediately: quickly locate, arrest and convict, that scum." “If someone calls with a threat, it's a threat. We must not stand idly by this kind of hatred.”