The Palestinian Authority - Israel targets Palestinian children - PA repeats libel on World Children's Day

The Palestinian Authority chose to exploit World Children’s Day to repeat its libel that Israel deliberately targets, harms, and even murders Palestinian children.

In a cartoon in the official PA daily, the logo of Defense for Children International, Palestine (DCI - Palestine) was used to express the PA libel that Israel deliberately targets Palestinian children.

The cartoon shows the logo of DCI – Palestine, which features two children standing with their hands to their faces and the letters “ID” behind them. An Israeli soldier marking rifle sights on the chests of the two children with blood on his finger was added to the logo to express the PA libel.

[Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Nov. 20, 2021]         Logo of the DCI-Palestine

Tragically, it is the PA that harms and abuses Palestinian children. As Palestinian Media Watch has exposed for decades, and most recently in its report on Fatah’s education of children ages 6-15 through its Waed magazine, the PA and Fatah are indoctrinating Palestinian children to seek Martyrdom for “Palestine,” to see terror as a legitimate tool in the “struggle against the enemy Israel,” and to strive for Israel's destruction.