UK - Antisemitic abuse hurled at pregnant Jewish couple by man 'threatening to break their bones'

Image: Steve Parsons/PA
- Antisemitic abuse was hurled at a pregnant Jewish couple outside a hospital by a man 'threatening to break their bones'.

The man and woman were reportedly on their way to a maternity appointment at Whittington Hospital in North London on Tuesday (9 November) when they were accosted.

In a tweet posted yesterday (November 10) Shomrim Stamford Hill, a Jewish volunteer neighbourhood watch group, said a man shouted "Fuck Jews" at the couple outside the hospital in Archway before adding: "Move away from CCTV so I can break your bones and open you up."
The man then reportedly threw a full two-litre bottle of drink at the pregnant woman.

Whittington Health NHS Trust tweeted in response to the Twitter post: “We're now aware of this incident and have reached out to the police to offer any assistance possible with their investigation.

"We do not tolerate racism or antisemitism in any form and have a zero tolerance policy towards abusive behaviour.”

The Metropolitan Police received a report that the pair were shouted at and chased by a man who threw a bottle at them.

Luckily, the Met said neither were physically injured.

No arrests have been made, though officers have made an appointment to meet with the victims.

A number of Twitter users tweeted their disgust in response to the original post from Shomrim.