UK - Hate crimes against Jewish people up 7 percent, official Home Office figures show

Hate crimes against Jewish people in England and Wales have risen again, while statistics released by the United Kingdom’s Home Office this week showed overall offences against victims of all religions had fallen by 18 per cent.

In a worrying development, official Home Office statistics showed during the year ending March 2021 there were 1,288 offences committed against Jewish people, in which religion was recorded as being relevant to their case.

The previous year’s figures had revealed there were 1, 205 hate crimes against Jews, meaning their was a 7 per cent rise incidents.

But the figures for this year ended before a whole spate of attacks on Jews in this country took place as a result of the latest conflict between Israel and Hamas, which took place in May.

The overall number of religion-related hate crimes fell from 6,856 in 2019/20 to 5,627 offence in 2020/21, a drop of 18 per cent.

Those statistics were a sharp rise from the year up to March 2018, when 672 offences were recorded against the Jewish community.

The overall number of religion-related hate crimes fell from 6,856 to 5,627 offences, a drop of 18 per cent.

The new statistics showed there were 2703 hate crimes recorded against Muslims in England and Wales up until March 2021.

In the previous year there had been 3089 incidents. For Christians the figures showed there were 521 hate crimes, compared to 531 in 2019/20.

Overall reported hate crimes were shown to have risen by 9% to a record number of more than 124,000 across England and Wales since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Racially motivated crimes, which are nearly three-quarters of the total number of 124,091 hate crimes, increased by 12% over the year ending in March 2021 amid Black Lives Matter protests and a backlash from far-right activists.

Figures showed that more than half of the hate crimes recorded by the police were for public order offences, including threatening and abusing people in public places, 40% for violence and 5% for criminal damage and arson.