USA - Antisemites turn Haverstraw Town hearing into hate conference

Haverstraw, NY
- A sickening display of antisemitism was showcased at a public hearing in the town of Haverstraw, NY (near Monsey) last night, when a bigot got up and made incredibly shocking and hateful comments about the Jews of the town.

The incident came during at a town hearing during which a variance was being considered for a property upon which Jews are planning to build a shul.

During the public comments section, a man who self-identified as Nick Collela of 45 River Glen Drive, got up to give his two cents about the Jews.

Collela went on a tirade against the proposed building of the shul, looking for every possible complaint he could use – from garbage cans in the street to Hatzolah showing up to emergencies – to somehow get the shul’s request for approval denied.

Then came Collela’s most sickening comment.
“There is a certain sect of people that tend to walk in the street, and nobody is wearing any reflective gear,” the anti-Semite said. “So, if I run one of them over – and of course I’m gonna back over them again…”

The bigot was then ordered to back off the microphone by the shocked officials, but the man kept going on his anti-Semitic rant. He finally left the podium after a police officer approached him and ordered him away.

As the officials tried to regroup and get the hearing back in order, a woman noticed a Jewish man videoing the proceedings. She then “danced” towards the camera in a clearly mocking way, and then unleashed a threat on the Jewish man, who was well within his legal right to video the hearing.

“Video me and I’ll have you arrested,” she said. “You have to give me permission to video me. You have permission?”

A woman who had in the meantime walked up to the podium complained about the man videoing the proceedings, and after the officials explained that he was allowed to, she said, “of course, they’re allowed to do whatever they want.”

The Haverstraw Police Department has been notified of the incident, with YWN told that they plan on paying a visit to Mr. Collela.

NY Governor Kathy Hochul has also weighed in on the incident in a tweet.