USA - Kansas anti-vaxxers condemned for comparing vaccine mandates to the Holocaust by wearing yellow stars

Daran Duffy, with his wife and daughter
Wichita, KS
- Kansas Governor Laura Kelly and state lawmakers from both sides of the aisle condemned comparisons of COVID-19 vaccine mandates to the Holocaust. Responses that included strong rejections from Kansas Republican leaders came Friday after a small group attended a Special Committee on Government Overreach hearing, wearing yellow stars on their chests.

The hearing concerned bills set to be considered during a Nov. 22 special legislative session. Two proposals in response to the federal vaccine mandate include allowing Kansans to get unemployment insurance if they’re fired for not complying with vaccine mandates and requiring employers to grant religious exemptions for anyone who claims it, without question.

Business groups, and individuals from the public testified at Friday’s hearing. Among the individuals who weighed in was one of the three people wearing a yellow star.

Topeka Capital Journal state government reporter Andrew Bahl reported that Kansas City, Kan. resident, Daran Duffy said the yellow star wasn’t meant to be offensive nor controversial, but is a “reminder” that Hitler followed the laws of his country in Nazi Germany.