USA - Man accused of threatening to blow up St. Louis synagogue

Cody Steven Rush
St. Louis, MO
- A St. Louis man on Wednesday was ordered held pending trial on a federal charge that he threatened to blow up a St. Louis synagogue and kill Jewish people.

Cody Steven Rush, 29, called the FBI three times on Friday night, saying he wanted to blow up the Central Reform Congregation, according to federal charging documents filed Tuesday. Rush also said he hears voices, has schizoaffective disorder, suffers from PTSD, anxiety, depression and social anxiety disorder.

Speaking of Jewish people, Rush told the FBI, "I hate them with rage."

Rush said he should be arrested. He later told a police officer that he would not act until the next morning when he knew that people would be in the building, the charging documents say.

Rush refused the officer's suggestion to go to the hospital, saying he'd just been released. Officers arrived to find Rush sitting on the steps of a home in the 5200 block of Waterman Boulevard, near the synagogue.

"I am feeling suicidal and homicidal. I just feel like killing Jews," he told St. Louis police Detective James Wilcox.

Rush was then taken to a psychiatric center.