USA - White supremacists confront man taking down their antisemitic banner on the freeway

Irvine, CA
- White supremacists yelled and bullied a man trying to take down an antisemitic freeway banner in Irvine, California.

The 32-second video shows two white men aggressively yelling at another man who appears to be taking down a banner.

In it, a virulently antisemitic banner can be seen hanging on a freeway overpass. The video is narrated through text overlays:

“A friend of mine saw this Qanon banner being hung on the freeway in Orange County and went to take it down… Then this happened.” (It’s unclear if the banner actually relates to the QAnon movement.)

The banner attacks Irvine Mayor Farrah Khan with anti-Islamic and anti-Black Lives Matter messaging. It also disparages “CRT,” likely critical race theory; the gay community; pornography; and communism.

Two men angrily come up to the person recording the video.

Is this you boys?” asks the video creator.

“What the fuck are you doing, you fagette Jew?” says one man in a camo shirt.

“Jew?!” responds the creator.

“Yeah, you fagette. Why are you fucking ripping down our property?” says the man.

“It’s a public freeway man, a lot of people don’t want to read that stuff,” says the creator.

“Who the fuck are you, are you the highway patrol?” says the man. At this point, the two men notice the sign has been cut down on one side and continue to verbally attack the creator.

“You cut our fucking shit? What are you, a fucking girl?!”

While the original video creator is not identified, Twitter user @SamiJoji13 re-posted the YouTube video and tagged popular political Twitch streamer @hasanthehun.

“I have a video of my friend being confronted by white supremacists/anti-semites here in OC, and was hoping you’d be able to help spread awareness to it? Thank you!,” says @Sami_Joji.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @Sami_Joji for comment.