Australia - No Let-Up to ‘epidemic’ of antisemitism in Melbourne

Pakenham, Melbourne
- Dozens of handwritten antisemitic leaflets have been delivered to homes in a suburb of the Australian city of Melbourne promoting the classic conspiracy theory of Jewish control over world events.

Photocopies of the leaflet, neatly written out in upper case letters, were placed in residents’ mailboxes in the Melbourne suburb of Pakenham, the Australian Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC), a Jewish civil rights organization, reported on Friday.

The leaflet exhorted readers not to trust the Australian government because “Jews hang in the background using their freemason puppets to push their agendas.”

It went on to claim that “all celebrity suicides are induced by Jews” who will “even attack selected people within society that spread truth about their tactics and agendas.”

The leaflet used the pejorative “Jew flu” to describe the COVID-19 pandemic, “which is all about spreading fear whilst obtaining more power and control over the population.”

Source: algemeiner