Belgium - Beerschot fans filmed singing antisemitic chants ahead of Anderlecht game

- A video posted on Instagram on Tuesday shows Beerschot fans chanting antisemitic chants, ahead of the match against Anderlecht.

In the video you can see a group of fans singing antisemitic chants near the stadium, while the match Beerschot-Anderlecht (0-7) took place behind closed doors because of health restrictions.

According to the Belgian media, the Beerschot fans are chanting in Dutch "Hamas, Hamas, Joden aan het gas", or "Hamas, Hamas, all the Jews on gas".

Also heard was a Dutch import mocking the Holocaust, as the fans sang, “Dad was in the Gestapo, Mom was in the SS, Together they burned Jews, Because Jews burn best, Sieg Heil!”

The Antwerp police opened an investigation and drew up a report for "inciting discrimination, hatred or violence against a group or a community".

Source: dhnet