Germany - Hanukkah menorah damaged in three Berlin districts

The vandalism at Bayerischer Platz in Berlin-Schöneberg / Image: Gregorio Ortega Coto
- In the past few days, three publicly displayed Menorahs have been damaged in Berlin. Among other things, strangers demolished the middle stand of the Menorah in front of the Red City Hall and presumably stole some of the illuminants, as the Berlin police announced on Thursday.

On another Hanukkah candlestick in front of the Lichtenberg town hall, a welcome sign attached to the candlestick was destroyed. Also on the Hanukkah candlestick on Bayerischer Platz in Berlin-Schöneberg, police officers found a welcome sign that had been broken into several parts after information from the population.

The police are checking a connection between the acts, it said. The police state security is investigating suspected anti-Semitic damage to property.

A stand was bent on the candlestick in front of the Red City Hall, there were no lamps

Source: evangelisch