New UK report estimates almost half a million explicitly antisemitic tweets per year

The Woolf Institute estimate there to be nearly two antisemitic tweets for every Jewish person in the UK.

Analysis of data by the Woolf Institute, a global leader on interfaith relations, is presented in a new report launched today by the Antisemitism Policy Trust and Community Security Trust, which marks the end of an 18-month research programme to study the extent and nature of antisemitism online.

The report presents an estimate of the level of antisemitism on Twitter in the UK and based on research methods used, Woolf Institute analysis concludes there are between 100 and 1,350 explicitly antisemitic tweets every day in the UK.

The Antisemitism Policy Trust, supported by Community Security Trust, commissioned the Woolf Institute to explore anti-Jewish hatred on Google, Instagram and Twitter, and this publication represents the third and final instalment of that project. The two previous reports found that Google’s public facing Safesearch facility has no impact on the amount of antisemitic content that is returned when people search for jokes about Jews. Antisemitism is also extensive on Instagram, associated with a “chaotic” trolling phenomenon on the platform, and demonstrates strong links to conspiracy theories and anti-Israel attitudes.

Source: CST