Sweden - The church of Sweden to investigate Israel on suspicion of the apartheid state

The Church of Sweden is the Evangelical Lutheran Church and the former state church of Sweden. This recently at a meeting of the church council the request agreed to investigate Israel on suspicion of the apartheid state. Other countries such as China, North Korea and Venezuela are not examined for human rights violations, nor are the Arab dictatorships. The motion was fixed on Israel and was accepted thanks to the support of the bourgeois-liberal Center Party and the Social Democrats.

This not only raises the question of why a religious community should investigate other countries, with what means and instruments this would be possible for a church council at all. It raises the fundamental question of whether the Church of Sweden is still aware of the inglorious history of Christian antisemitism, of the hatred of Jews as "murderers of God", which other church bodies have for a long time shared.

To smooth things over, Archbishop Antje Jackelén wrote an open letter to the Jewish community in Sweden with the assurance that the decision of the Council of Churches was in no way directed against the Jews as a people or against the State of Israel.

In fact, this is a clear case of antisemitism. According to the definitions of antisemitism developed by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) and recognized and supported by Sweden, the attempt to describe Israel as a racist state and thus delegitimize it is considered antisemitism.