Sweden - Hate crimes reported to the police in 2020

Today the Crime Prevention Council, Brå, published a new report on reported hate crimes 2020. In 2020, there were 170 police reported crimes that, according to Brås' definition, were judged to contain an antisemitic hate crime motive, which corresponds to 5% of all reported hate crimes.

The report shows, among other things, that the criminal structure of antisemitic hate crimes separated from the structure that could be seen in the majority of the other motives. The year 2020 produced t. Ex. heat against the group 52% of the antisemitic main crime, a greater share than among some other identified hate crime motives specified in the report.

Among the antisemitic reports, the most common crime sites were social media (16%) followed by public space (15%) and chat, text and telephone (14%). Social media was a more common crime scene in antisemitic hate crimes than on any other motive. According to Brå, it is related to the fact that a large portion of the antisemitic hate crimes are heated against people, a type of crime that mostly happens on the Internet.
Source: bra