The Netherlands - CIDI receives wave of anti-Jewish hatred from Baudet followers

Immediately after the conviction of FvD leader Thierry Baudet for creating 'a breeding ground for antisemitism', the CIDI, which filed the indictment, ​​was inundated with antisemitic messages on social media. This is reported by the Israel Information and Documentation Center itself in a message in which some of the hatred of Jews is shown.

On Wednesday, the judge ruled that Baudet spoke unnecessarily offensive to Holocaust survivors by comparing the vaccination policy with the murder of millions of Jews. During the session, Baudet supporters already shared images of Auschwitz, with the text "QR Code macht frei".

It didn't stop there, both the CIDI and the Central Jewish Consultation received antisemitic cartoons and conspiracy theories about it. And not just through social media. The CIDI writes:

Several shocking messages and curses came in via e-mail and telephone, including some that spoke of 'gassing'. It was alleged that CIDI would get money from shadowy corners and exploit and abuse the memory of the Holocaust for its own gain – a common theme in post-war antisemitism.

The CIDI also cites a recently published report that clearly establishes a link between growing antisemitism and the anti-vaxx movement in Europe.

Source: CIDI