Turkey - Finance minister claimed US Federal Reserve controlled by 5 families

Turkish Treasury and Finance Nureddin Nebati
- Turkish Treasury and Finance Nureddin Nebati has come under serious criticism on social media after claiming that the U.S. Federal Reserve is not independent, but is controlled by five rich families.

Nebati made the remarks during an interview with Ahmet Hakan's Tarafız Bölge (Impartial Zone) broadcast on CNN Türk on Dec. 29.

When Hakan asked Nebati if citizens should be worried about the weakening of the lira once again, the minister said: “This is a very good question. No, on the contrary, it is a good thing that the dollar is rising.” It was not clear what the minister meant by his remarks, creating confusion among citizens.

“The Central Bank in the United States does not belong to the public. It is in the hands of five families,” Nebati also said.
Source:  duvarenglish