UK - Jewish teenagers face antisemitic abuse as they celebrate Chanukah in London

London - A video showing a group of young men spitting and hurling abuse at Jewish teenagers on a bus in central London as they celebrated the first night of Chanukah has emerged online.

The harrowing clip appears to show the young men spitting, banging on the windows and raising their middle fingers to the frightened teenagers, who shared the video to highlight the regular antisemitisim they face in the capital.

According to reports the teenagers, from north-west London, got off the bus to dance and sing in the street but their actions quickly drew the attention of a group of men who began to mock them, and according to one witness who spoke to the Jewish Chronicle, began chanting ‘Free Palestine’.

Rabbi Shneor Glitsenstein, in charge of the group, reportedly wished to avoid any further confrontation and told the teenagers to return to the bus.

The men subsequently became increasingly aggressive, attacking the vehicle while it waited for a gap in the traffic to drive away as seen on the widely circulated clip.