UK - Menorah in Camden vandalised overnight

Photo: Twitter
- Police are investigating a hate crime after a public menorah in Camden was damaged overnight.

Rabbi Yossi Baitz, who put up the menorah, told the JC he was convinced it had been deliberately vandalised.

He said the menorah’s lights had been ripped from it and thrown to the ground.

Photos show the structure to have been bent in half and tipped over.

Rabbi Baitz said it revealed there was “darkness against light”.

He said: “It brings tears to my eyes, it breaks me.

“It breaks my heart to see it. But it’s not gonna stop us. 90 per cent of people oppose this.”

The Chabad rabbi added on Twitter: “I promise to put this Menorah again every Chanukah, we will never surrender to darkness.”

He added that he “worked so hard” to “put this menorah as a symbol of light. It breaks my heart to see it vandalized.”

Police officers are treating the incident as a hate crime and are currently conducting enquiries.

Camden councillor Oliver Cooper said: “Chilling to see antisemitic violence strike the heart of our community yet again.

“Chanukah is about the light banishing the darkness. But my goodness there’s a lot of darkness about.”

Source: TheJC