USA - Antisemitic flyers seen posted in Denver neighborhood

Denver, CO
- Just days after the start of Hanukkah, a resident discovered antisemitic flyers posted around a Denver neighborhood.

Those who work to combat this type of hatred say the timing is no coincidence.

This time of year, the holiday season brings us so many signs of joy.

But amid the festive displays, people in this uptown Denver neighborhood discovered one of hate.

“They were bright green stickers posted right at eye level. So really hard to miss,” Jess said, a Denver resident.

The antisemitic messages are associating Jewish people with deadly terrorist attacks in the United States. She also found another antisemitic flyer about Israel nearby.

An antisemitic group is named on the flyers and its members, antisemites and white supremacists, are thought to be the distributors of the hate-filled messages.

Denver police mentioned they are aware of the flyers and looking into the matter.