USA - Antisemitic poster found outside Fairfax district synagogue

Los Angeles, CA - An antisemitic poster has shown up in Chabad on Fairfax. The poster has been taken down but the message of hate lingers.

"We're frustrated," said Rabbi Yossi Eilfort, who runs the security that patrols the area and first spotted the poster using the letters "a" and "v" to create the Star of David with the words "anti-vaxxers." "It comes in waves and the wave is definitely higher now than it has been."

Meister says the sheriff's department is aware, although none of the posters have shown up there. The poster had a phone number that goes to the Abbey in West Hollywood. The Abbey says they were inundated with calls warning them about the poster.

"It's deeply troubling to hear about these posters," said Lauren Meister, the mayor of West Hollywood. "I don't understand it and I don't understand how they could possibly make the comparison to Nazism and what happened in the Holocaust."