USA - Antisemitic signs displayed from I-95 overpass in Port St. John

Brevard County, FL
- A group of nine individuals hung banners with racist messages from a highway overpass in Brevard County appears to have been the work of a loose-knit national antisemitic organization called the Goyim Defense League, according to hate group monitors.

Photos of the group were posted on Facebook and other platforms, showing their homemade signs on an overpass above 1-95, displaying the N-word, calling for the expulsion of Jewish people and claiming Kyle Rittenhouse shot “three Jews,” punctuating their odious message with three communist hammer and sickle stencils.

According to observers, the group was there with their signs for three hours before the Florida Highway Patrol arrived on the scene in the early afternoon and asked the group to remove them.

Source: clickorlando