USA - Kol Ami synagogue in Tucson vandalized over holiday weekend

Tucson, AZ
- Over the weekend, the Tucson Police Department said Kol Ami Synagogue, formerly Temple Emanu-El, was vandalized, resulting in multiple broken windows and shattered glass.

"That anyone would act violently towards a religious institution that's upsetting, but beyond that, just a little confused, said Rabbi Thomas Louchheim.

Tucson Police tells News 4 Tucson, they're currently reviewing surveillance video near the synagogue, as detectives look into whether this vandalism is a possible hate crime.

Tucson police arrested a man in connection with vandalism at a local synagogue.

Police say 37-year-old Dustin Wilkerson faces charges including aggravated criminal damage for damaging Kol Ami Tucson.
Source: kvoa