USA - Miami Chabad rabbi’s mailbox blown up with fireworks

Miami Gardens, FL
- Miami Gardens, Florida police are searching for a suspect who blew up a Chabad rabbi’s mailbox, likely with fireworks.

An unidentified person was captured on a surveillance video running out of view just before the mailbox exploded, Local10 reported.

The video shows sparks and pieces of the mailbox flying in different directions. Parts of the mailbox landed on the street.

Rabbi Sholem Kleinman, who runs Chabad of Miami Gardens out of his home, told the news outlet that the incident took place on December 28 after 8 p.m. The next day, charred remains of the mailbox could still be seen on the grass of the rabbi’s front yard.

“I get outside. I see the mailbox disappear and I thought, in the beginning, it got hit by a car, but when I get close, it’s all smashed in the middle of the street,” Kleinman said.

He explained that his house is also listed as a synagogue, and that children in the local Jewish community are at his house every day.

“So we always have to take precautions to make sure it’s not any hatred, that it is not targeted,” he added.

Miami Gardens police said they are not investigating the incident as a hate crime. They are blaming it on kids lighting fireworks and putting them in the mailbox.
Source:  local10