USA - Hasidic man beaten with sticks at the Broadway triangle in Williamsburg

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
- Reports coming in that a Hasidic man was beaten with sticks by at least two attackers near Gerry St. and Bartlett St. in the area that is known as the Broadway Triangle in Williamsburg, that had frequent antisemitic flare ups.

While details are still coming in, it’s clear that this was an unprovoked attack, with the hallmarks of a hate crime. As of the latest reports, the attackers fled the scene and are still on the loose.

Videos posted on Twitter by @WMSBG shows Shomrim, Hatzalah and the 90th precinct responding to the scene. According to people on the scene, the 25 year old victim was severely beaten and bloodied and is being transported to the hospital where he’ll undergo intensive stitching.
No money was demanded during the attack, it is unknown yet if the Hate Crime Task Force unit is already involved in the investigation.

“We are shocked and saddened by yet another unprovoked attack in Williamsburg. We hope for quick arrest, and we appeal for beefed up patrol to eradicate this trend of violence against community members,”

The United Jewish Organization of Williamsburg (UJO) tweeted.
The Councilman of the neighborhood, Lincoln Restler, who assumed office yesterday, condemned the attack. “Disturbed by this attack in Williamsburg this evening. Hoping the victim is okay and able to fully recover,” Tweeted Restler.

In Just 3 words Councilman Kalman Yeger catapulted the frustration of the Jewish community with the repeated attacks: “It doesn’t stop.”

Source: yidinfo