My name is Eli Nahum. I served as an antisemitism Researcher at the Prime Minister's Office in Israel. For the last 19 years I have been researching the antisemitism phenomenon. 

As part of my research work, I set up and edited the: CFCA - (The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism) website that brought together all the news and antisemitic events that occurred in the world. 

The site was the world's largest database of antisemitism and was an important element in the fight to eradicate this phenomenon. 

As I retire from state jobs, I continue my research work, serves as an antisemitism advisor to the World Zionist Organization, and currently coordinating the information on a site called Monitoring Antisemitism Worldwide.

Monitoring Antisemitism Worldwide was built to provide online information on antisemitism that is happening around the world.

The information in the website is not only about antisemitic events but about everything related to the phenomenon, Struggle against antisemitism, surveys and annual reports.

You can reach me at aforum1@gmail.com